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1º SEMESTRE/2021

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Data Dupla Paper
31/03 Elidianne – Thales Comprehensive Profiling of an Aging Immune System Reveals Clonal GZMK + CD8 + T Cells as Conserved Hallmark of Inflammaging
07/04 Alexsander – Cleyson Macrophages Maintain Epithelium Integrity by Limiting Fungal Product Absorption
14/04 Beatriz – Natalia Group 1 innate lymphoid-cell-derived interferon-γ maintains anti-viral vigilance in the mucosal epithelium
22/04 Cícero – Julia Interleukin-6 produced by enteric neurons regulates the number and phenotype of microbe-responsive regulatory T cells in the gut
28/04 Djulio – Priscila Correa Tumor hypoxia represses γδ T cell-mediated antitumor immunity against brain tumors
05/05 Italo – Ana Claudia NF-κB-inducing kinase maintains T cell metabolic fitness in antitumor immunity
12/05 Letícia – Michael Multi-omics analyses reveal that HIV-1 alters CD4 + T cell immunometabolism to fuel virus replication
19/05 Luiz Felipe – Gabriela Interleukin-33 Promotes Serotonin Release from Enterochromaffin Cells for Intestinal Homeostasis
26/05 Stella – Felipe The ubiquitin ligase MDM2 sustains STAT5 stability to control T cell-mediated antitumor immunity
07/06 Jefferson – Erasme Microbial metabolism of L-tyrosine protects against allergic airway inflammation
09/06 Mateus – Jéssica Directional mast cell degranulation of tumor necrosis factor into blood vessels primes neutrophil extravasation
16/06 Guilherme – Lorraynne Skull and vertebral bone marrow are myeloid cell reservoirs for the meninges and CNS parenchyma
23/06 Ana Carolina – Vinícius

Age-related changes in the local milieu of inflamed tissues cause aberrant neutrophil trafficking and subsequent remote organ damage

30/06 Isabela – Juliana Neutrophil elastase selectively kills cancer cells and attenuates tumorigenesis
07/07 Maria Claudia – Rafael

Genetically engineered myeloid cells rebalance the core immune suppression program in metastasis

14/07  Patrick – Alana

Vaccination reshapes the virus-specific T cell repertoire in unexposed adults

21/07 Fernanda – Hellen

Adrenergic regulation of the vasculature impairs leukocyte interstitial migration and suppresses immune responses