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Journal Club IBA

2º SEMESTRE/2017


02/ago Mouzarllem e David Obesity alters the lung myeloid cell landscape to enhance breast cancer metastasis through IL5 and GM-CSF.
09/ago Ana Carolina e Paula  Suppression of lethal autoimunity by regulatory T cells with a single TCR specificity.
16/ago João Paulo  e Isabel Local Modulation of Antigen-Presenting cell development after resolution of Pneumonia induces long-term susceptibility to secondary infections.
23/ago Cesar e Robson Fusobacterium nucleatum promoted chemoresistance to colorectal cancer by modulating autophagy.
30/ago Sandra e Bruna  Inhibition of autophagy limits vertical transmission of Zika virus in pregnant mice.
06/set Paulin e Mariana  High-avidity IgA protects the intestine by enchaining growing bacteria.
13/set David e Bruno  First-Breath-Induced Type 2 Pathways Shape the Lung Immune Environment.
20/set Mouzarllem e Robson  A Macrophage Response to Mycobacterium leprae Phenolic Glycolipid Initiates Nerve Damage in Leprosy
27/set Ana Carolina e Isabel Co-stimulatory function in primary germinal center responses: CD40 and B7 are required on distinct antigen-presenting cells
11/out João Paulo e Paula Homeostatic control of metabolic and functional fitness of Treg cells by LKB1 signalling
18/out Paulin e Bruna Human antibodies to the dengue virus E-dimer epitope have therapeutic activity against Zika virus infection
25/out Mariana e David PPARγ in dendritic cells and T cells drives pathogenic type-2 effector responses in lung inflammation
01/nov Sandra e Ana Carolina Mitochondrial ROS Production Protects the Intestine from Inflammation through Functional M2 Macrophage Polarization
08/nov Cesar e Bruno Cytotoxic and regulatory roles of mucosal-associated invariant T cells in type 1 diabetes
22/nov Isabel e João Paulo Metabolic shift induced by systemic activation of T cells in PD-1-deficient mice perturbs brain monoamines and emotional behavior
29/nov Bruna e Paula Inflammatory memory sensitizes skin epithelial stem cells to tissue damage